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Epoxy Flooring Findlay, Ohio

Findlay, OH


What You Need To Know!

There has been a common misconception about epoxy floors around the world. Many people still believe that epoxy coatings are a dull, gray and boring coating that is only offered to commercial and industrial garages with zero to no customization whatsoever. If we take a look back ten-20 years, this assumption would be correct as many facilities used this type of epoxy for the ease of maintenance that they provide. But, if we take a look at epoxy floors today, you will find that innovation in the industry has made epoxy flooring not only the top option for commercial and industrial facilities but also for the residential setting as well!

Epoxy flooring has seen rapid growth since its creation with varients such as metallic epoxies and epoxy flake floors to become one of the most used residential floorings on the market. But, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to epoxy as they even offer benefits that will make the daily life in your home easier with resistances to stains, scratches, and abrasions from even the most rambunctious of pets and children. Want to know what epoxy can really do for you? We have all the information you need down below!

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Epoxy Flooring Services We Provide In Findlay


As we have stated above, there are dozens of applications for epoxy floors and even different variants of the floor coating that can suit any area with complementing looks and features. So down below you will find all of the amazing epoxy flooring systems and other concrete coatings we provide to our neighbors in Findlay.

Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Epoxy
Garage epoxy floors are by far the most popular garage floor coating on the market and here’s why:
  • Garage floor epoxy provides an easy to clean substrate for your garage with a seamless and nonporous finish that is highly resistant to stains
  • Using an epoxy garage floor can make your garage brighter as well, as a matter of fact, up to 150 percent brighter making your garage safer to work in and obstructions on your flooring easier to spot
  • Garage epoxies are also a 100 percent waterproof system with resistances to fire and even electrical damage, dubbing it the accident-proof flooring!
Basement Epoxy
Basement Epoxy
Basements need a flooring needs flooring that is resistant to moisture, where most other floorings fail here’s how basement epoxy prevails:
  • Basement epoxy is actually a method of basement waterproofing and can substantially decrease the amount of moisture and humidity in your basement, increasing the quality of life
  • Along with a waterproof flooring for your basement, basement epoxies come naturally equipped with resistances to waterborne germs and bacteria such as molds and mildews which can make your flooring safe for elders and infants alike
  • We even offer nonslip additives for your basement in the off chance that moisture finds its way back into your home
Metallic Epoxy floor
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic epoxy floor coatings are one of the best ways to amplify any room of your home or even business with benefits and customization like:
  • Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be augmented with solvents, brushes, and blowers to create finishes that replicate the appearance of fluffy clouds, crashing waves and even burning embers
  • Even though the flooring system is attractive, it is also durable as it uses the exact same 100 percent solid epoxy base as the industrial epoxy floor coating
  • Worried about installation time? A standard 2 car garage can be completed in as little as 4-5 days depending on your concrete and weather!
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy
Commercial epoxy floor coatings have become the commercial industries most used flooring system over the years and here’s why:
  • Commercial epoxies are one of the only floor coatings on the market to be approved by the USDA for use in sensitive commercial facilities that handle food and even in medical facilities like hospice care
  • The approval from the USDA was made in huge part to the commercial epoxies extremely hygienic, seamless and nonporous finish that can be easily disinfected with ease
  • Since the flooring is almost impervious to damage, you won’t have to worry about creating cracks or gouges for bacteria and germs to hide away and reproduce
Epoxy Concrete Floor
Epoxy Flake Floors
Epoxy flake floorings have been a staple in millions of residential and even commercial garages or even in showrooms but here’s why:
  • With an epoxy flake flooring, you have the opportunity to create a one of a kind flooring system with our wide selection of base colors and near-endless configurations of multi-colored or single-colored flakes
  • While many people automatically look at the appearance of the flaked flooring as its strong suit, there is much more that this floor coating can offer
  • For example, the flakes in this epoxy give your flooring texture, making it safer to walk on when wet or soiled
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Industrial Epoxy
Industrial epoxy floors are one of the most used flooring systems for all industrial settings so here’s why this flooring has become so popular:
  • Industrial epoxy is the strongest flooring system on the market with the ability to drastically increase the weight capacity of your facility with a staggering tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI compared to concretes 3,500 PSI
  • Industrial epoxy can even be customized in an industrial matter with stencils that create walkways/vehicle paths, barriers, and text that can make your facility safer and more efficient
  • Industrial epoxy also offers superior protection against the full range of chemicals your facility can become exposed to
Polished Concrete
Concrete Polishing
Concrete polishing offers almost the same benefits as an epoxy floor coating but not quite so here is what they can provide:
  • A little known fact about polished concrete is that it is a permanent flooring system as there are no coatings that need replacement and our hardeners will allow your concrete to last a lifetime!
  • In terms of customization, polished concrete offers a wide range of colored stains, the ability to have patterns or logos cut into your concrete and even different levels of aggregates
  • Thanks to the high-grade hardeners that we use, your concrete will be resistant to most forms of physical and chemical damage
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic Wood Flooring
Do you love the traditional wood flooring system but hate slaving away with hours of harsh maintenance every 2-3 years? Well, here’s what our wood stamped concrete can do for you:
  • Wood stamped concrete offers the same timeless appearance as a traditional wood flooring but with the added bonus of the durability of a concrete floor
  • To make our flooring look hyper-realistic, we use real wood for all of our stamps to ensure that knots, grains, and plank sizes are all accurate as possible
  • The only maintenance with wood stamped concrete is a simple broom and mop with the replacement of its sealer every 5-7 years
Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete Resurfacing
Has your concrete seen better days but you don’t wanna spend thousands replacing your concrete? Well, here’s why you need concrete resurfacing:
  • With concrete resurfacing, we can take you existing concrete slab and use our micro toppings or any of our concrete coatings and bring your concrete back to its former glory; if not better!
  • Our team of concrete resurfacing contractors have experience resurfacing concrete no matter where it is. We can resurface concrete ranging from commercial facilities to pool deck resurfacing
  • When your concrete is resurfaced, you are giving it the chance to service your home or business for decades to come
Stamped Concrete Overlay
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concretes offer some of the floorings industries most exotic coatings and benefits such as:
  • With a stamped concrete overlay, you can achieve natural finishes such as natural stone, intricate and expensive paver patters and even walkways such as cobblestone paths
  • Just like with rustic wood flooring, we can use stains to achieve highs and lows to make your stamped concrete overlay be almost perfectly matched to the natural material that you are trying to replicate
  • Stamped concrete provides a thick layer of protection for your concrete, increasing resistance to damage and even a dramatic increase in service life in most cases
American Dynamic Coatings

Benefits Of Using Epoxy Flooring Systems


So what really makes an epoxy floor coating one of the most desirable flooring systems on the market? Well, the wide range of benefits that the flooring system provides of coarse! Down below, we have outlined all of the top benefits that all of our epoxy coatings bring to the table:

  • To start, and epoxy floorings durability cannot be beaten. The flooring is not only resistant to dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and scratches/abrasions it is also resistant to harsh chemicals such as gasoline, battery acid, and even degreasers!
  • Homeowners love how an epoxy flooring system (especially metallic epoxy) can increase the value of their home, furthering their investment. Many homes can see an increase of up to 5% in value with a professionally installed epoxy floor coating
  • Epoxy coatings are even an ultra-safe floor coating as they offer safety features like anti-slip additives and even the ability to make any setting that they are placed in up to 150 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources.
  • Maintaining your epoxy can even be a breeze as there are absolutely 0 waxes or polishes required for the process. All you will need is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop and a standard wet mop to keep your epoxy shining like new
  • Epoxy floors are also rapidly installed with most residential 2 car garages and smaller commercial or industrial facilities being ready for heavy-duty use in as little as 4-6 days!

Remember, the only way to get the most out of your epoxy flooring system is to have it professionally installed. We have access to higher-grade materials and better tools for the job than the other guys resulting in better finishes being installed faster the first time around.

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