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Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Here at American Dynamic Coatings, we believe in high-quality for affordable prices. Our team has decades of combined experience and a guaranteed work ethic that will produce beautiful pool deck surfaces. Our professionals have a strong background in perfecting concrete surfaces.

We believe in pool deck resurfacing because it is affordable, safe, and long-lasting solution to any issues you may be experiencing with your pool deck

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Findlay, Ohio

Pool Deck Resurfacing Benefits

There are the benefits of reusing the materials you already have!

Pool deck resurfacing is a great way to keep it in the family! Meaning, resurfacing allows you to simply reinvigorate the flooring you already have without having to rip it out and completely replace it.

Grand Rapids Pool deck repair
Keeping your friends, family, and guests safe should be on your mind when they come to use your pool. Pool decks can be dangerous places if they are not properly installed, especially when they have been exposed to constant heat during the day. Some of the safety features you can install with a resurfaced deck include:
  • High slip-resistance
  • Less heat absorption
  • Seamless finish to help reduce tripping hazards
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Less Money Less Maintenance
When you reuse an existing material, the cost is significantly less expensive than if you were completely replacing the surface. Due to the simple fact that you are reusing the current concrete slab less time is needed during the installation process. Other benefits include:
  • Fewer materials mean less waste, making this an extremely eco-friendly decision
  • When the labor costs are cut down because you do not need to rip out the surface there are a lot of ways you can save money
  • Resurfacing a pool deck can take anywhere between 24 to 72-hours compared to two-week process if you were to completely rip out the surface and have a new one installed
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You can take your time in choosing your new pool deck design when you resurface your deck! There are different colors and patterns to choose from that can all compliment your landscape beautifully.
  • Resurfaced pool deck concrete can mimic wood, brick, slate, or natural stone
  • You can choose between different colors, patterns, textures, and designs
  • Pool deck surfaces can be installed to match your indoor flooring as well
Findlay, Ohio

Pool Deck Resurfacing Types

There are different finishes you can choose from for your new deck

Resurfacing your old concrete does not mean it has to continue to look and feel like the original one, as a matter of fact, it means the exact opposite. We offer different ways to ensure your pool deck takes on a completely new look and feel.

Pool Deck Pavers Grand Rapids Michigan
Pool Deck Pavers
Pool deck pavers are popular options for homes with children because they have extremely easy maintenance qualities and are known to be very safe. Some of the benefits of pool deck pavers include:
  • They are known to be extremely slip-resistant
  • Pool deck pavers can be removed and repaired quickly reducing the hazard
  • Pavers can be installed to create different designs for your pool deck, and they can also be stamped to mimic other flooring materials
Grand Rapids Concrete Pool deck
Stained Concrete Pool Deck
There are few materials that can withstand salt-water pools and chlorine pool exposure does take a toll on concrete surface pool decks. These surfaces need strong and durable coatings that will be able to withstand anything and everything on any given day.
  • Stained concrete pool decks are extremely affordable
  • Stained concrete pool decks are impact and abrasion-resistant
  • Stained concrete pool decks are permanent flooring colors that can be installed with earthy tones, making them a very unique option
Pool Deck Repair
Pool Deck Coatings
Pool deck coatings protect your concrete surface! They are important and should always be installed once your pool deck has been resurfaced. Professionals know this, so call us to get started. Pool deck coatings benefit your concrete pool deck because of they:
  • Create resistant surfaces that will not damage from sun exposure, chemicals, or salt-water
  • Seal off concretes pores and become uninhabitable by mold and mildew
  • Can be installed with different colors helping customize your backyard landscape

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Our professionals live and breathe concrete. It is important to hire a professional pool deck resurfacing team for a number of reasons but most importantly for financial reasons. If something goes wrong with your DIY kit, now you have to pay to have the chemicals removed, fix your concrete surface, and still have it resurfaced.

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