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What You Need To Know About Garage Floor Epoxy All In One Place!

If your garage is dark, gloomy and easy to get dirty, it sounds like that you need a concrete coating that can turn that all around. While other coatings like overlays, stamped concrete, and rubberized floorings are good enough to get by, you need something that will last your home decades and look good doing it. That is where our garage floor epoxy comes into play! With garage floor epoxy, you can experience benefits like:

  • Endless Customization
  • Unmatched Durability
  • A 70% ROI
  • Service Life Up To 30 Years!

Ready to learn what else our garage epoxies can do for you and your home? We have all you need to know and more down below!

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Benefits Of Using Garage Floor Epoxy

What You Stand To Gain By Using Epoxy

Unlike other garage floor coatings, garage floor epoxy is able to provide a stunning finish while providing industry-shaking benefits that will make your garage easier and safer to work in with some peace of mind. Down below, you will find the top benefits of using a garage epoxy

Unmatched Durability
Unmatched Durability
Garage epoxies are one of the most durable coatings on the market for even commercial and industrial garages so here’s what that means for you:
  • Your garages concrete will be protected from impacts, harsh chemicals like oil or degreasers and even be protected from heavy foot and vehicle traffic
  • You can even put more weight on epoxy with its astounding 15,000 PSI weight tolerance
  • Our floor coatings are even resistant to fire and electrical damage
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.Carefree Maintenance
Homeowners love how simple and fast maintenance can be with garage floor epoxy so here is what you should expect:
  • The only tools you need to maintain your garage epoxy is a standard wet mop and a soft-bristled broom like a dust mop, that’s it!
  • In terms of maintenance, waxes or polishes will never be required to bring out epoxies shimmering appearance
  • With garage epoxies, you can even use your garden hose to wash it down when heavily soiled!
Incredible Investment
Incredible Investment
After decades of use in residential garages, epoxy flooring systems have proven to be amazing investments for any homeowner and here’s why
  • Homeowners that have used garage epoxies have seen an increase in there homes value by up to 5%
  • After studies and research have been made, we have seen that epoxies offer a return of investment up to 70%
  • The biggest factor in all of this is that professionally installed epoxy systems can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance
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Epoxies We Offer

The Widest Selection Of Epoxy In Findlay

We know that different people have different tastes, so why would we offer the same epoxy for all of our clients? Down below, you will find our most popular types of epoxy commonly used in garages across Findlay.

100% Solid Epoxy
100% Solid Epoxy
The most durable garages epoxies that we offer are the 100 percent solid epoxy-based systems and here’s what they have to offer:
  • The best feature of these systems is that they can be installed rapidly, with a cure time of only 24 hours before its ready for full use
  • The 100 percent solid epoxy system offers the best damage resistance in its class, making the flooring nearly impenetrable
  • With such a massive upgrade to performance, these systems demand a higher price tag
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic garage floor epoxy offers one of the most stunning finishes on the entire market with amazing benefits like:
  • Metallic epoxies have the ability to exhibit beautiful finishes such as mimicking the appearance of clouds, lava flow, and even crashing waves
  • This system uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base, so you can expect this flooring to be high performance
  • The best part is that no single metallic epoxy is exactly the same, they are all one of a kind
Epoxy Flaked Floors
Epoxy Flaked Floors
Epoxy flake flooring is a flooring system that can be used in residential and commercial garages with benefits such as:
  • We offer the use of multi-colored or single-colored flakes to provide a one of a kind finish, we even offer light density or high-density finishes
  • The flakes in the epoxy give the flooring a texture that makes it easier to walk on when wet or soiled
  • We even offer the ability to place logos or images right into the epoxy!

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If you are in the vicinity of Findlay, you are in luck! You have Findlay Ohio’s top garage floor epoxy installers at your disposal and we are standing by to take your call! We didn’t become the areas top installers for no reason, its because we care! We follow a strict set of guidelines for all of our jobs, no matter how big or how small. Down below, you will find how we provide the best service in Findlay:

  • We only use the highest grade materials on the market, not the DIY kits at the local hardware store
  • We will never push your coating or skip steps to get it done faster, we want it done right the first time around
  • We stand behind our work so we offer a 1-year warranty on all of our epoxy garage floors!
  • To find more of the services that we offer in the Findlay area, check out the homepage, or give us a call!